Greasy Gui Ananty

Titles: International champion
Czech champion
Slovakian champion
Austrian champion
Polish champion
German VDH champion
Czech Club champion
German Club champion
Slovakian Grand champion
Sex: Male
Born: 16. 1. 2001
Breeder: J. Gözová
Owner: M. Friebert
Kennel: Asthenia

Int Ch
Newyl Brosch Zlatna Dolina
Int Ch
Maussy Atos
Int Ch
Lafayette Out of Africa
Oscenyi-Hegyi Andi
Zilavolgyi Afrodita Ch
In Excess Out of Africa
Pulcinella Qualitylady
Int Ch
Cangamba Bena Makima
Int Ch
Faraoland Nile Wild Burundi
Int Ch
Azania´s Ilario
Bokoto Nile Black Tango
Int Ch
Catootje v.d. Stille Jager
Int Ch
Azenda Outlaw
Int Ch
Basiateck´s Lisha