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The European Basenji Stud list

Some of you may question our decision in creating a European Basenji Stud list (hereinafter "EBS"). Our primary goal is to make such a list available to all the breeders to make their life easier when looking for the best suitable male for their breeding plans.

We want to offer a platform that gives an opportunity to breeders to find a list of as many stud Basenji dogs as possible including contact information of their owners.

This is the reason, why we don't give particularized information about health, health-testing's results, temperament, show success or offspring. We would like that the breeders become active themselves and discuss all the necessary detailed information directly with the males' owners.

Adding new males and use of the list is free of charge to everybody.

Please send us data of your males to make this list helpful and as complete as possible.

Please inform us of any changes in the information given to us. Do not hesitate to send us information in case your male is not available for breeding anymore (death, old age, disease etc.) so we can take him off the list.

If you want to change something, add a new photo etc. just send us an email.

Please note that the information given is supplied without liability, we cannot be responsible for data received from owners and therefore will not guarantee completeness !

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Rules to enter

We have only three rules:

  1. The minimum age is 15 month.
  2. We only take males with FCI or FCI recognized (USA, GB or AUS) pedigrees into the list.
  3. Entry form and photos. Please copy and send the completed form and photos(stand and head detail) via Email. Ideal photo resolution is 1400 x 1050 pixels.
    Studmale - Datas
    Hereby I permit the entry and use of the photos for the European Basenji Stud list (EBS).
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